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Try Before You Buy solution

powered by circular commerce

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    The best at-home brand experience

    Get it asap

    2 hour delivery in select cities. Same or next day everywhere else

    No money down

    No holds, no deposits, no hidden fees

    Buy it later

    Keep your tryout unit at a discount or have a brand new one delivered

    Free return pickup

    Schedule a pickup or drop it off with the included,
    pre-printed label

    We send customers new or used products

    We can re-purpose returns for tryouts with our circular supply chain

    Returns are sent to our specialized warehouses to be checked, cleaned, and re-prepped for the next customer in 48 hours or less. 

    Full managed no-risk solution

    Warehousing + Logistics

    nok has dozens of specialized warehouses and partnered with the best courier companies in the world

    Payment + Sales

    The customer can choose to keep the tryout product or buy / swap for a new one

    Customer Care + Liability

    We handle all customer inquiries and cover for all liability

    Brands see a 15% increase in sales

    Leverage $0 tryouts everywhere to convert on-the fence customers that otherwise wouldn’t buy:


    Landing Pages

    Email Campaigns

    Cart Abandonment


    Re-commerce without the downside

    nok can sell returns / B-stock at a much higher price and margin because:

    • No price dilution – customer is only shown discount privately once unit is in-hand
    • De-risks purchase – point of sale is after the customer has product
    • $0 CAC – nok orders come from an incremental increase in conversion

    Start offering tryouts today