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nok has dozens of specialized warehouses and partnered with the best courier companies in the world

Payment + Sales

The customer can choose to keep the tryout product or buy / swap for a new one

Customer Care + Liability

We handle all customer inquiries and cover for all liability

Our circular supply chain gets the most out of your tryout units

Results with 100 tryout units in 2 months:

Homes / Offices reached

Think of it as turning a home into a popup store for 3 days

Experiences created

On average 3 people try the product per tryout order

People reached

A positive experience leads to 17 recommendations by word-of-mouth

No integration needed

Continue marketing through your usual channels. One-click directs customers to our white-labeled checkout

>10x better at converting tryouts than 30-day return policies

Client use case: tryout acquisition costs on Facebook


nok free tryouts


30-day return policy

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